Apprentices and Interns

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A CloverCroft apprenticeship offers a competitive and immersive experience at an ecological farm: farming in a way that endows future generations, rather than borrowing from them.

We offer two streams in our intern program, for introductory and advanced farmers, with a competitive stipend and beautiful living space nearby at Five Oaks Retreat Centre.

Good Work

At CloverCroft we take pride in growing nutrient rich, healthy, local food to nourish the community around us. to learn more about how we’re working please check out this page.


New Farmers (1st Year): $600 / month stipend. May 1 to Sept 30

Advanced Farmers: $1000 / month stipend. April 1 to Oct 31. Advanced farmers are also given the management responsibilities of one acre of vegetable production (see more below).

Meals: we eat local and in-season. Farm products (vegetables, chicken, eggs) are supplemented with bartered food from other market vendors and the grocery store (as necessary)

Accommodation: Interns are offered the opportunity to live in one of the cabins at nearby Five Oaks Centre. Immersed in nature, next to the Grand River, a season living here is an exceptional opportunity.

Events: As opportunities arise, the team is invited to local concerts, the Paris Fair, as well as our team-building events.

Education: We take seriously the need to educate and nurture a new generation of ecological farmers. Our intern education program includes the wealth of hands-on learning that happens in the field, as well as the weekly workshops outlined below. Additionally we visit other ecological farms around southern Ontario each month, to broaden the perspective of our interns and establish a valuable network for those interns that continue to pursue farming.

Workshops are held at the end of each week, to get our feet wet in the many subjects of ecological farming. Some of what we cover includes integrated pest management, soil science, growing strong seedlings, weed maintenance, balancing nutrient needs, farm fertility, crop rotation, cover cropping, tillage (and avoiding it whenever possible), small livestock management, apiary management, developing client relationships, food handling and safety, entering the local food system, small scale farm machinery.

2nd or 3rd year farmers are given the management responsibilities of an acre of production. They are expected to implement and adjust the farming plan as needed, to organize the tasks for their fields, and to work with the rest of the team to meet harvest targets and needs. This immersive approach helps an apprentice to learn a great deal in a single season. They attend markets more regularly and learn what it is to develop important client relationships. We address and dig into farm marketing and business planning, long-term crop planning and business skills.


Submit your resume and a letter of interest which must include:

  1. Email and phone number for daytime contact

  2. Which internship you are applying for – New Farmer or Advanced Farmer

  3. Prior commitments during the contract timeline, with dates

  4. Intention to live in the accommodations provided at Five Oaks

  5. Describe your farming/gardening experience

  6. Why are you interested in organic farm internship at CloverCroft Farm?

  7. What would you like to learn during the internship?

  8. What skills and qualities would you offer the Farm?

  9. Do you prefer solo work or team-based work?

Submit resume and letter of interest with application details to: