Working Shares

get your hands dirty and go home with food you helped to grow  

Think of it: like having a community garden plot, but waaaay more diverse. And you don’t have to worry that the weeds will take over if miss a week.

At CloverCroft we farm, in part, because we know how healing and fulfilling it can be to connect with the soil and to the food that you eat. We offer a Working Share to extend this wonderful connection to everyone.

In exchange for a Small Share of food (6 items a week for 20 weeks), we ask for a firm commitment to work 80-100 hours over the course of the season.

The hours you work can be structured in a way that suits both you and the farm.

Prior to the season start, you’re invited to walk the farm with Farmer Ryan to determine your goals and areas of interest. We will train you in a few specific tasks at the beginning of the season, and encourage you as you continue to build those skills throughout.

A few options to consider:


Great for people with more free time around the school break, students, school staff. Pack your hours into the 8 weeks of summer and enjoy the bounty of the full 20 week season.


You and your partner can come one evening each week for 2 hours to work together. Connect with one another and enjoy a summer evening of good work.


Come for one 8-hour weekend day, every other weekend throughout the season. Best for someone independent, as weekends at the farm I’m usually not in the field all day


Join the team one morning each week for a 4-hour window as we plant, weed, prune, and harvest.

If you’re interested in a Work Share, please send a letter of intention to Farmer Ryan: and include:

  1. Your name, phone number, email address.

  2. Describe any farming or gardening experience (none is required)

  3. Name any skills or areas of interest you have in growing food

  4. Discuss possible hours you could work throughout the season.

we look forward to growing with you