Curious about a CSA Share, but have some questions?

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Making a large purchase like a CSA share can be intimidating.  Its like buying a really healthy really fresh and really delicious washing machine.  You want to feel solid about this investment before making the leap.  

I fully support and understand that feeling. And I've been there myself before I started farming. So i put together a couple lists:

The 6 Most Important CSA Questions You Should Ask Yourself before committing to this investment.  I'll try to talk you out of buying a share, because a CSA really isn't for everyone. If you get through that, i'll talk you back into it with addressing The Top Five Concerns We All Share

Start by clicking the button below, after a quick and downloadable web document to look through, I'll send a couple short emails to follow, so we don't overload you with information all at once.   After that, we won't send you anything else.  We just want you to have all the right info. 

If you're on the fence about your CSA share, or even just a little curious: This is super worthwhile. Enter your name and email below, and lets see if you're ready for the joys a CSA share brings. 

Farmer Ryan